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Master Semi-Modular Synthesis with Propellerheads’ Thor Synthesizer

A foundational learning experience that will teach you the
essence of creative sound synthesis through one of the digital
world’s most versatile and musical synthesizers.

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Knowledge Drop 5: Combining Combinators

Welcome back for the fifth episode of our Knowledge Drop series,Combining Combinators. The focus of today’s drop: using Reason’s flexible modular routing to trigger multiple combinator devices from a single master keyboard or MIDI controller.

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Knowledge Drop 4: Baby Steps, The Simple Sequencer You Need

In our newest Knowledge Drop, it is time to lean into custom toolmaking. Don’t worry: this video is not Coding 101. This episode, Baby Steps, The Simple Sequencer You Need, makes the case for building your own tools by giving you one of ours! The focus of today’s drop: automating any parameter in your Ableton Live session with your own custom sequencer: Baby Steps, a free download for you.

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Knowledge Drop 2: Mastering the Master Compressor

In “Knowledge Drop 2: Mastering the Master Compressor”, we’ll teach you to hijack the master buss in Reason to make your mix bigger and fuller as well as decrypting some commonly misunderstood features of compression. As always, there’s a free download as part of the package!

Knowledge Drop 02

Knowledge Drop 1: The Great Drum Rack Switch

Ableton Live possesses rack devices, whose purpose is to house other devices. Today’s Knowledge Drop uses a combination of Live’s Drum Rackand Instrument Rack devices to trade one full drum kit for another (or another, or another…) by merely turning a knob.

Knowledge Drop 01

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