Music technology is an ever-evolving field. Changes happen everyday, but not all change is created equal. The new features and functions of Ableton Live 9.5 and Push 2 are substantial and worth taking the time to digest. So join us for an in-depth look at what has been added to this production and performance workhorse (Live) and his “little friend” (Push)…

With the recent release of Ableton Live 9.5, several new functions have been added to this well-known performance DAW. During the webinar, we will demonstrate best uses of all the top-line functions:

  • The updated Simpler instrument, which now makes both slicing and audio warping possible at the device-level(!).
  • Warm, analog-modeled filters are now part of several instruments (Simpler, Sampler, and Operator) and can be applied to any audio track (via Auto Filter). These new filters are modeled after three different classic hardware designs, and their drive controls turn the filters into coloring devices.
  • Improved visual feedback for waveform display and metering.
  • An updated Max Essentials pack features new instruments (Poli, Bass, and Multi) as well as a new arpeggiator (Arp), joining the feature-rich offerings of Max 7.
  • And then some…

In addition to this release, Push 2 hardware is now available as well, and the color waveform/meter/everything displays is just the most obvious enhancement:

  • A full-color display that is designed to be clear and visible in any lighting.
  • Waveform display for editing audio clips as well as samples in Simpler.
  • Redesigned pads and an improved hardware design, along with an additional row of buttons for easier navigation through your project and devices.
  • Both audio clips and third-party VST plug-ins can now be loaded from Push directly.
  • Slicing and editing samples in Simpler can now be done from Push directly.
  • And the list goes on…

(For those of you who have a Push 1, new features in Live 9.5 are supported as best as possible with that original hardware. We will discuss this support as well.)

And finally, while Link is still in beta, we will show you the current state and promise of this groundbreaking technology. Everyone — ourselves included — have been waiting for the ability to take laptops on the same network and have them just work together. With Link on the way, the wait time is now shorter than ever. And, oh, mobile devices can play nice too! We will take a sneak peak at this Live syncing technology and its promise.

So please join us for this week’s Knob Talk, Putting Ableton Live 9.5 and Push 2 Under the Microscope There is a lot to cover, including any and all questions you have. Get the most of these new tools today, and be ready when the earth moves again tomorrow!

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