Learn Electronic Music Production, Personalized for You and Your Music

Our instructors know the ins and outs of modern audio software and electronic music production. Whether you are looking to refine your production chops or start customizing your own tools, we have someone who wants to help you take your next steps.

Online private lessons are available for anyone, anywhere. (If you are in the New York City area, in-person lessons may be available as well.) After purchasing lessons, we will personally coordinate with you to determine the teacher and schedule that is right for you. Below is a list of topics that you might want to learn with us. If you have a different idea or questions in general, please contact us, and we will talk to you shortly. We look forward to working with you on your musical goals.

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Study Topic Ideas

Our instructors have been engaged in music production and education for decades. Whether you want to use particular tools better, create tools of your own, or focus on music composition itself, we can probably help you. The following lists of topics and tools may help you express what you would like to focus on.

DAWs and Other Workstations
• Ableton Live
• Propellerhead Reason & ReCycle
• Steinberg Cubase
• Apple Logic Pro
• Bitwig Studio
• MPC Renaissance
• NI Maschine

Software Instruments
• Ableton Live Suite’s Instruments (such as Sampler, Operator, Analog, Drum Rack…)
• Reason’s Instruments (such as Thor, Malström, Subtractor, NN-XT, Dr. Octo Rex, Kong, third-party Rack Extensions…)
• Cubase’s Instruments (such as Groove Agent SE, Padshop Pro, Retrologue…)
• Logic Pro’s Instruments (such as EXS24, ES2, Sculpture, Ultrabeat…)
• Bitwig Studio’s Instruments (such as Polysynth, FM-4, Drum Machine…)
• NI’s Instruments (such as Massive, Kontakt, Battery, FM8, Absynth, Razor, Monark, other Reaktor-based instruments…)
• u-he’s Instruments (such as Zebra, Bazille, Diva…)
• Korg’s Legacy Instruments (such as MS-20, Mono/Poly, Polysix, Wavestation, M1…)
• Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1
• Xfer Records’ Serum

Custom Tool Building
• Max for Live (modifying devices or making your own)
• Reaktor (modifying ensembles or making your own)
• Making Standalone Applications with Max
• MSP (for custom audio effects/systems in Max)
• Jitter (for custom video systems in Max)
• Workflow Scripting (AppleScript, JavaScript…)
• Managing Audio Computers (from a few workstations to lab environments)

Theory and Concepts
• Synthesis Methods (such as subtractive, sampling, wavetable, FM, granular…)
• Signal-processing Techniques (such as vocoding, distortion and compression methods, spatial and modulation effects, multiband processing…)
• MIDI Processing and Effects
• Music Composition techniques (such as songwriting, arranging, electronic orchestration, remixing…)
• Music Theory
• Workflow Improvements (such as shortcuts, navigation techniques, templates, scripting…)
• Hardware Systems and Studio Integration
• Performance Strategies (for taking your productions to the stage)

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