Welcome to a new episode of our Knowledge Drop series,
Custom 808 Kick Basses. The focus of today’s drop: Using Thor and advanced signal routing and processing, inside
a Combinator, to create custom kick bass sounds suitable for a variety of bass music styles.

Today’s Topic

Reason’s Thor synthesizer is incredibly powerful in its own right, and completely capable of synthesizing an analog 808 style kick drum sound. By synthesizing the sound, rather than using samples, we have a lot more creative control of every aspect and detail. Thor’s modular structure and repertoire of synthesis functions allows us add all kinds of additional spices to the sound, making it both unique and our own. Expanding upon this inside a Combinator, allows us to perform advanced signal processing and routing, while creating a recallable instrument for easily shaping and creating this sound when we need to.

Master the Thor synthesizer:

Today’s Content Download

For you, we’ve created several Reason Combinators, each one using a different distortion device. Each Combinator included has infinite possibilities for shaping and designing this type of sound. Several of the Combinators use a Reason Rack Extension as the distortion device. If you don’t already have the RE you can use the 30 day trial to use the Combinator. Also included are a variety audio file versions of kick basses created with the different Combinators featured in the drop.

The Combinator files were created in Reason 9, but can be used with Reason 4 and higher. RE based combinators will require Reason 6 or higher. The included .wav files are usable in any program.

The download contains:

  • Five Combinator Instruments, containing preconfigured routings and mappings
  • Forty-four .wav files of kick bass sounds usable in any program

Download: Custom 808 Kick Basses

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Master the Thor synthesizer:


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