Synthesis With Thor

A foundational learning experience that will teach you the essence of creative sound synthesis through one of the digital world’s most versatile and musical synthesizers.

Nearly all major concepts of synthesis will be covered, giving the student expert creative sound design tools within Reason’s Thor, as well as an advanced understanding of synthesis as you take this knowledge to nearly any other synthesizer today.

The Artistry of Pure Synthesis

Custom, original, and unique sounds are and will always be a hallmark of electronic music. Creating these sounds is an art form in itself and we take it very seriously. Having a total command and deep understanding of your synthesis tools will not only make it easier in achieving your sound, but will also make the experience more fun allowing you to experiment and maybe even surprise yourself at times with what you create – accidentally or intentionally.

The Hammer of the Gods: A Proven Workhorse

Since its introduction to the Reason rack in version 4 in 2008, Thor has gone down in history as a modern day classic. We like to think of it as a Swedish Army Knife of synthesis and sound design capabilities. Due to its modular nature, it’s one of our favorite synths for creating sounds as well as teaching synthesis. Propellerheads were very clever in its design, creating a synth that would not only be able to mimic sounds from the past, but also provide the tools to create the sounds of the future. It covers nearly all the bases of synthesis methods that we have seen over the years, but perhaps more exciting is that it allows you to combine them together to create new and unique hybrid sounds. We have yet to find a synthesizer that offers as wide of a range of options and possibilities while remaining fun and easy to use. You may end up getting spoiled on Thor as we have.

A Semi-Modular Synthesizer Course In Disguise

Most simply put, it’s about understanding and using modular synthesis at a deep and conceptual level. It’s not just about using Thor. It goes much deeper. Our hope and intention is that this course will change the way you look at and approach using all of your synthesis tools.

What You’ll Learn

  • Through an almost 6 hour runtime, broken into highly digestible lessons.
  • Each topic is accompanied by a thoroughly descriptive written component.
  • Thor’s 6 distinct oscillators types providing a wide range of synthesis options: Analog, Wavetable, FM, Phase Modulation, Multi oscillator, Noise
  • Shaping sounds with Thor’s powerful filter options
  • Control signals and animating your sounds
  • Routing options
  • Onboard effects including Delay & Chorus
  • The Modulation Bus - this is what really makes Thor modular
  • Thor’s step sequencer
  • Advanced synthesis functions and audio rate modulation
  • Oscillator Sync
  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Cross Modulation
  • Frequency Modulation
  • Filter FM
  • Using expression and realtime controls to make your sounds fun to play
  • Practical approaches to making a variety of classic and modern sounds while tying all of the techniques and functions together

Our Methodology

The internet is filled with online courses and tutorials. We wanted to make something different. Our background comes from classroom teaching, private lessons, as well as in the online world. Much of what we have seen in the online world we would describe as tutorials or step by step recipes. While many of these are great, they are designed to give you results thru a series of steps with the exact results each time. We wanted to create something that would provoke critical thought, teach deeper level concepts, and encourage experimentation. This is what the learning experience should achieve from our perspective

Let’s do this

Follow the link below to purchase the course for the price of a single private lesson. Once the payment is processed you will be given lifetime access to the course which you can work through at your own pace and leisure.

Synthesis With Thor


43 Videos

6.2 Hours of Instruction

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Skill Level: Any

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