Who We Are

Knob Theory passionately believes in the power and promise of modern electronic music. We are producers and designers, promoters and developers. And we are all musicians, educators, and lifelong learners.

Knob Theory is a gathering place for better education, better community, and some new tools in the electronic music field. If you are enthusiastic about modern music production, we expect you will feel at home, and we look forward to your unique contributions.

Welcome. Our common endeavor has landed us all here. Now let’s get to work.


Our Core Beliefs

  • Electronic music should be music first.
  • There is no single way to make music. There is no one tool that bests all others.
  • Every perspective is valid, and a community of many perspectives is a rich one.
  • Real knowledge is theory, and theory is not exclusive to any one platform.
  • With real effort, anyone can create electronic music.
  • With dedication, anyone can create better electronic music.
  • The best teachers are still learning.


The Founders


Chris Petti
Instructor, Curriculum Director

Chris is a musician, sound programmer/designer, and educator. His sounds continue to be included in products by the industry’s top manufacturers. He has worked for some of the top companies in the industry and conducted clinics and workshops the world over. And he’s been responsible for some rather successful electronic music courses — both at physical schools and online — over the past decade.

At Knob Theory, Chris dreams up the content, makes it a reality, and then personally transmits it to you. There is nothing wrong with your computer display. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.







Dave Linnenbank
Instructor, Technology Director

Dave is a musician, programmer, and educator. He has written music for fashion and film and has released his own album. He has created audio software for Broadway musicals and for general use. And he has taught at respected universities and built previous online electronic music schools.

At Knob Theory, Dave runs our Tool-Building courses and is himself our lead tool builder. Merely listening to the sound of his voice may void your warranty.







Giles Dickerson
Curiosity Engine, Creative Director

Giles is a designer, musician, and music lover. After first experiencing house music at Nell’s in 1980s New York, Giles began DJing and supporting both artists and labels from the early days of electronic dance music. This led him to perform in Germany, Holland, and the US, in addition to manning WZBC’s Saturday night mixshow for seven years.

At Knob Theory, Giles runs the branding and creative direction of our pursuits, doubling as a connector to artists, labels, and talent worldwide. And if you happen to enjoy rock climbing, you can be his wingman anytime.